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Yekuana girl offering yaraké - home-made beer

[Nederlands] Een beknopte Nederlandstalige samenvatting van de inhoud van deze website vindt u hier.

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Article on Fundación Interchange in De Nijmeegse Stadskrant

De Nijmeegse Stadskrant has published an article on the activities of the foundation. It can be viewed online at www.denijmeegsestadskrant.nl/index.php?id=08&url=jul13.

Fundación Interchange's YouTube channels

On our YouTube channels you may watch many video's on our activities, parts of our documentaries on Latin American culture, and music clips from Merusa Records artists.

Visit www.youtube.com/user/bartolomesincasas and www.youtube.com/user/bobbieramone.

CD downloads

All Merusa Records CDs are now available for digital download from your favorite download store!

New CD by La Manouche

La Manouche - Ay, Chavale! Gypsy music stars La Manouche have released their second CD! Traditional Sinti and Romany music arranged in their own unique style, and with many guest musicians, reflecting the passion of the wandering gypsy life.

See www.merusa-records.com/la-manouche-ay-chavale.

Article published in Revista Batey

The article "Bembé en el batey, Contramaestre: buscando el corazón musical de Cuba" by Fundación Interchange's Bart Duijsens has been published in the online Cuban magazine Revista Batey. It portrays the musical scene in a typical Cuban country town and offers an account about the challenges to produce a recording in Cuba.
Read it here

Worldmusic festival 'Onder de Stuwwal,' 24 september 2011, Beek

On saturday september 24, 2011 the third edition of the 'Onder de Stuwwal' world music festival tooko place at the Kulturhus in Beek (The Netherlands). A day of art and music, with son, cumbia, tango, gypsy-jazz, arabicana, afro-groove and many other exciting styles.

Acts included: the Manito Road Show (Europe/Latin America), Mate (Chile/Venezuela), Leticia’s “One Woman Latin Band”, African Vibes (West-Africa), Trio Son Cubano (Cuba/The Netherlands), FP Barrio Nuevo (Colombia) and No Blues (The Netherlands/Palestine).

For more info see: Onder de Stuwwal 2011

Wereldmuziek op het Festival Onder de Stuwwal

CD Claudia y Manito - Arpamor released!

Claudia y Manito - Arpamor Claudia y Manito have released their first CD - Arpamor on Merusa Records. Boleros, tangos, joropos and other genres from Argentine, Paraguay and Venezuela. Claudia's Paraguayan harp and sultry voice and Manito's gypsy-infused guitar evoke that bygone golden age of latin music.

Claudia y Manito - Arpamor (Merusa Records website)

Merusa Records website online

Merusa Records is the record label of Fundación Interchange. We have already released more than twenty CDs of hidden treasures from around the world, covering Latin-American, Caribbean, and European roots music, as well as bold experiments in world music. Now finally a website dedicated to Merusa Records is online. On the site you can also order our CDs.


New CD by Juan Mesa - Garajonay

Juan Mesa - Garajonay Juan Mesa, from Gomera, the Canary Islands, has released Garajonay, a beautiful CD mixing blues, reggae and pop with his Canarian roots. Relaxed, humorous and invigorating.

Juan Mesa - Garajonay (Merusa Records website)

Lameca music encyclopedia

Fundación Interchange has contributed a quite exhaustive multi-media presentation on Afro-Venezuelan music for LAMECA (La Médiathčque Caraďbe), the French-Guadeloupean music encyclopedia. Entitled 'Afrovenezuelan music' (La Musique Afro-Vénézuelienne), this publication consists of text, music, videos and photographs.


Revista Batey website online

With support from Fundación Interchange the Cuban online magazine Batey has been launched. Revista Batey is dedicated to the anthropology of Cuba. The commitment of Fundación Interchange to Batey is the result of our long-standing involvement with the University of La Laguna (Tenerife) and the University of Oriente (Cuba), and the need to create a meeting point on Cuban affairs from a social scientific perspective on the worldwide web.


CD Mate - Diver-city released!

mate - diver-city Merusa Records and Fundación Interchange are proud to announce the release of 'diver-city', the new CD by Mate, the All Star band led by the Chilean guitarist and composer Marco Carillo Coppia.

Mate - Diver-city (Merusa Records website)

Videoclip La Rosa


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