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Fundación Interchange is a foundation for independent cultural anthropological research, based in the Netherlands and baptized in july 1998.
Its aim is to study and promote activities in the domains of expressive culture and the arts - with special focus on Latin America and the Caribbean - thus attempting to create a deeper insight in the complexities of our common multicultural future and promote mutual understanding and respect between representatives of different cultural traditions.

To realise these goals the Foundation endeavours to investigate specific problems related to the research domains of ethnicitiy, popular culture and migration and document its results to a wider audience in the - primarily - Anglophone world. It tries to mobilise and stimulate autochtonous cultural movements and explore their possibilities for their entrance on the global market; not just to sell their cultural produce, but to create an awareness of their identity, their desires and needs.

To this end several projects have been started to document on these various autochtonous cultural movements, or on their 'interchange' with Western institutions. Depending on the development of local culture this interchange ranges from the zero degree of exchange - ethnocide - through acculturation to cultural exchange between equal - or at least respecting each other - partners, the appropriation of otherness.
The general aim of documenting traditions and change, and of creating a better understanding of these other ways of being, is forwarded principally in three domains:

  1. the publication of written material:anthropology and literature
  2. the edition of sound recordings of ethnomusicological interest
  3. the edition of documentaries and the construction of an audiovisual archive

The foundation logo is based on a precolumbian rockpainting. As the Guri dam was built in Venezuelan Guyana, the rock was moved to the Caracas museum.

rock drawing

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