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cd releases

One of the goals of Fundación Interchange is to document non-western cultures and present their art to the western public, in this way giving artists an opportunity to share their works with a world-wide audience (and giving that audience the chance to discover those treasures).

To this end Fundación Interchange founded its own record label: Merusa Records.merusa-logo The name Merusa combines "meru" and "musa": meru is an indigenous - Pemon - word meaning waterfall, and musa is Spanish for muse. Merusa can thus be understood as an attempt to encapsulate the river of sounds, originating from the wellsprings of inspiration, the waterfall of the generous muse of music.

So far Merusa Records has released more than 20 CDs with latin, Caribbean and European music styles. Hidden treasures from around the world that wouldn't have been heard otherwise, as well as well-researched compilations and field recordings. Salsa, son, jazz, ska, roots, folk, rock, etnofunk, flamenco, gypsy and wildly experimental world music.

Visit www.merusa-records.com for a complete overview. Here you may also order our CDs.

pan-logo In the past Fundación Interchange has also produced a number of CDs and DVDs for PAN-Records, the world-famous label specializing in ethnomusicology. See www.merusa-records.com/pan-cds for a list of our productions for PAN-Records.

Latest Merusa Records releases
Claudia y Manito - Arpamor
Claudia y Manito
Merusa cd 9271
La Manouche - Ay, Chavale!
La Manouche
Ay, Chavale!
Merusa cd 9273
Francisco Peña's Barrio Nuevo - Cantare Por Ti
FP Barrio Nuevo
Cantare Por Ti
Merusa cd 9272

All Merusa Records CDs can be ordered directly from Merusa Records. They are also available for download from your favourite e-music store.


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