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Orquesta Chepín - Descarga

This DVD contains four documentaries by anthropologist Bartolomé Duijsen on the musical cultures of Cuba and about the passion with which Cubans live their music. With musical styles ranging from charanga to reggaetón, these documentaries show that Cuba still produces the most beatiful melodies and dance music.
Hasta Siempre Compay! A musical journey through Cuba' is like a whirlwind tour of Cuba, from Havana to Santiago, passing through Matanzas and San Luis. On the way we meet famous bands like Orquesta Chepín Chóven, Vocal Sampling and Orquesta Sensación as well as many bands unknown to the outside world.
'Contramaestre - The music of a Cuban country town' concentrates on the surprisingly brilliant musical culture of this dusty and forlorn provincial town. It gives an intimate view of the vivid local music scene and of the way in which these bands - from charanga orchestras to rap crews - manage to practice their art.
'Contramaestre, one year later' is a kind of an epilogue to the previous documentary. It shows the response of the musicians to the international release of the cd they recorded the year before.
In the short documentary 'Saludo Compay!' we visit the grave of Compay Segundo in Santiago de Cuba and bring a homage to this great trovador who came to world fame through the Buena Vista Social Club.

Voudoun ceremony

Through its music, Cuba conquered the hearts of people around the world and this DVD might enchant even the most sceptic of Cuba watchers. These voyages into the musical heart of Cuba have been very inspiring, and we are confident that you too will discover something new about Cuba. Full moon, hot sun, everybody loves the son!

Orquesta Sensación; Orquesta Cañambu; Costa Norte; Guitarras y Trovadores; Orquesta Chepín; Los Chicos Latinos; Malas Rimas; Vocal Sampling; Sarabande Mayombe; Rumba Son de Matanzas; Otansi; Estilo Propio; Los Astros; Tradisón; La Charanga Santiaguera; Orbita Uno; Cumbia Lumumba; Mecongo; Rueda Dentada; Aché Cubano; Kokoyé; Compay Segundo y sus Muchachos; Septeto de la Trova.

This DVD can be ordered from >Merusa Records.


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