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About us

Fundint - short for Fundación Interchange - is a foundation for independent anthropological research, founded in 1995 and based in the Netherlands. Its aim is to study and promote activities in the domains of expressive culture and the arts, thus attempting to create a deeper insight in the complexities of our common multicultural future and promote mutual understanding and respect between representatives of different cultural traditions. The foundation tries to promote dialogue with 'the other,' 'the other' who reveals something about us that had remained hidden.

The foundation wants to stimulate concrete forms of cultural exchange, by organizing music festivals, exhibitions and tours. We have undertaken a number of projects under the headings of 'ethnicity and folk culture,' 'sustainable development' and 'human rights'. With our projects we always focused on 'marginal' population groups in national societies. We try to support these groups in their struggle for self-preservation.

The executors of our projects are anthropologists who are 'at home' within the indigenous societies. In order to complete these projects successfully, we depend on sponsorship. In the past we received contributions from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Stichting ThuisKopieFonds.



Articles in Dutch have been published in Indigo, Onze Wereld, Amazone Post en Bakeliet amongst others. English and Spanish articles appear in Songlines, AfroAmérica, ERES, Guizé, Nerter and other magazines. We published the booklet 'Afrovenezuelan Reflections - The Drums of Liberation.' In 2008 we initiated the Cuban webzine for anthropology Revista Batey.


The foundation has produced some 30 cd's, partly released on PAN-Records and partly on Merusa Records. From ethnomusicological fieldrecordings to hi-tech studio productions; a lot of previously unheard music deserving of a wider audience.


Producing documentairies is one of our main activities. PAN released the dvd's 'Going Native in Venezuela' en 'Full Moon over Santiago' (aboutCuba). See some of our videos on our YouTube channels bartolomesincasas and bobbieramone.


In cooperation with PAN and Merusa Records and various venues we have organised concerts, festivals and tours, like the three-day Venezuala Festival in 2008 and from 2006 on the world music festival 'Onder de Stuwwal.'


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